The book has over 125 paleo recipes inspired by cuisines from around the world, all made without gluten, grains, refined sugar, legumes, soy, or dairy (with the exception of ghee). There are plenty of main dishes made with poultry, beef, pork, lamb, and seafood, as well as chapters for appetizers, vegetable sides, spice blends and other pantry staples, and of course, desserts. Every single recipe has a color photo taken by me!

 Here’s what other paleo authors have to say about the book:

“This is the paleo cookbook that all adventurous eaters have been waiting for! Becky has adapted dishes from around the world to work within the paleo template without sacrificing their distinctive flavors. And there are so many recipes I haven’t seen before: Skillet Cornbread and Moussaka? Yes, please!”

How to lose weight on paleo diet

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Greenbug Ready to Use, Greenbug Concentrate, Greenbug fir People/Pets

Greenbug offers cedar-based products to control all kinds of pests.  Whether you want pest control for yourself (mosquitoes, head lice), your home (roaches, ants, and bed bugs), your dog (fleas, ticks) or your entire property (all of the above), Greenbug offers you pest control using ingredients found in Nature.  No need for toxic pesticides!

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It can be difficult to stand up for your rights against your employer. When your employer retaliates against you, you may have a legal claim for retaliation. The employment retaliation attorneys at Abney & McCarty can advise you of your rights and defend your interests in court.

Federal and state employment laws recognize that employers are in a position of power and can retaliate against those employees who complain. The law also recognizes the importance of eliminating racial, gender, age, pregnancy and other kinds of discrimination in the workplace, as well as eliminating hostile work environments and other improper employer practices. For these reasons, the law protects employees who seek to exercise their rights from retaliation by their employers.

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says when preparing for an emergency situation, start with the basics of survival: clean water, food, clean air and warmth.

The following lists will help you Be Prepared for times of emergency.

Family Emergency Kit

If you must evacuate your home with little notice …

Major Disaster Preparedness Items

If you can safely stay in your home during an emergency …

Personal Emergency Service Pack

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Investor activity very high in growth suburbsResearch by RP Data comparing the level of property ownership between owner occupiers and investors at a suburb level in Melbourne reveals some clear and interesting trends.

The results show that ownership for investment purposes in the Melbourne detached housing market is strongest in the growth suburbs. In many of the cities growing outer suburbs investor ownership accounts for more than 3 in every 10 properties.

YouTube video: The development comprises 37 high-end apartments across 9 levels with carefully-composed 1


As commercial DNA labs are becoming more skilled in mass testing genetic samples, a lot of folks in the Southeast, whose great-grandmother was a Cherokee Princess, are finding out that she was more likely a daughter of Zion or the descendants of Spanish grandees.   There is an answer in history . . . at least in the factual history that POOF researchers are developing.

The drawing above portrays a Sephardic Jewish or Spanish gold mining village on Dukes Creek in White County, GA, which was discovered in 1828, mentioned in the first archaeological book on the Southeast in 1873, then erased from Georgia’s history books.

This past Thursday, a lovely lady with jet black hair stalked me for awhile then approached me at the cheese counter of the Dahlonega, GA Walmart.  She whispered,  “Excuse me sir.” 

View and three-bedroom penthouses. The homes are intentionally curated for owner occupiers video on YouTube