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Monday: 10-8:00


54 N Williams St. Crystal Lake, IL 60012

Evolve is a unique store located in the heart of nostalgic downtown Crystal Lake Il. Here you can find one of a kind gifts including local artisan jewelry, stones, crystals, statues, books, candles, incense and many more treasures. It is our mission to provide a sacred space for all people to enjoy and feel warmly welcomed. We hope to help all people find just what they are looking for. As a part of the community for over 15 yrs, initially the space was called Quintessence and later became Evolve. We are grateful to so many people that have contributed their support in many ways over the years. We wish all well as we continue to grow strong relationships in the community while providing a wonderful resource for meaningful things.


Last week Derek Leman posted a great article on his blog, Yeshua in Context, on the use of Gematria in the B’rit Chadasha, and particularly in the Gospel of John. Gematria is the rabbinic term for finding numerical patterns in the biblical text. Although the use of Gematria appears throughout the Bible, including the New Testamanent, it is interesting how prevalent it is in the Gospel of John particularly. However, as one of the most mystical texts within the New Testament it should not be such a surprise.

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