Special Occassions

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says when preparing for an emergency situation, start with the basics of survival: clean water, food, clean air and warmth.

The following lists will help you Be Prepared for times of emergency.

Family Emergency Kit

If you must evacuate your home with little notice …

Major Disaster Preparedness Items

If you can safely stay in your home during an emergency …

Personal Emergency Service Pack

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The perfect entertainment for your corporate event would both entertain and motivate your audience. Well, corporate magician Grant Price will do just that! Grant’s skills as a magician, his hilarious comedic style, plus the lessons afforded by his observational skills as a mentalist all combine to make him the ideal entertainer for your event. Click below to hire corporate magician Grant Price for your next corporate event and your audience will be talking about his performance for months and years to come!

One major problem in the corporate industry is the predominant attitude that work is just an obligation; just one more thing that gets in the way of what “I really want”.  The vast majority of the workforce views jobs as an obstacle keeping them from living life. What if you could cause your employees to view work in a more positive light? What if your employees wanted to get to know each other better and, therefore, work together more effectively? Stage Magician Grant Price can help you with just that.

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Paper Patisserie.de …das ist die e2grafikwerkstatt mit allem, was da entsteht. Man findet hier Papier mit Liebe, Dinge, die mit Herz erdacht und aufwändig handgemacht sind und natürlich individuelle Grafik, egal, ob diese auf Postkarten Autos oder als Website im Netz landet.

Paper Patisserie soll dabei mehr als nur ein nettes Wortspiel sein. Ebenso, wie in einer wirklich guten Patisserie wünsche ich mir Verzaubertsein, Genuss und das gewisse Etwas, das sich ausbreitet, wenn man die Dinge, die hier zu sehen sind, zu Hause auspackt, sie benutzt und erlebt, was in ihnen steckt. Und da im Genuss immer ein wenig Sucht steckt, wird es hoffentlich immer Neues geben, oftmals inspiriert von den Wünschen derer, die die Dinge kaufen möchten. In dem Sinne ist Wünschen dringend erwünscht und hier möglich.

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The parents, baptismal godparents, friends and any other people invited don’t attend the First Communion ceremony empty handed. While choosing an appropriate gift for a First Communion we must observe, that a First Communion is a holy event, so we must choose a gift of religious nature.

In the post  Are You familiar with Catholic First  Communion Symbols you can read about the symbols, that indicate the importance of the Holy Eucharist. Host, bread, grain, wine, grapevines, grapes and chalice are the most known motives and symbols of the First Communion.

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Don’t be scared by the high price tags on Halloween costumes. Swap instead of shop! Join the Auburn Public Library at a parent and planet friendly event! Our costume swap is recycling at its most fun! Kids get new-to-them costumes, and parents save money …and the planet!

Here’s how it works:
• Donate your swap-able costumes to the library before 9/30.
• In exchange for each complete, clean, gently worn costume, you will receive 1 swap ticket to claim a new-to-you costume at the 10/1/ event.
• No costume to swap? Still want to shop? Stop by the event after 2:30 pm and purchase any costume for a $5 donation which will support children’s programs. Drop off your costumes in the APL Children’s Room between 9/19 -9/30

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Our annual recital is held at the end of the dance season in May or early June. Students are not required to participate, but it is a fun and rewarding experience for those who do.

Tots (One Costume) – October 15th $40. November 15th $25. Total $65

Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st/2nd grade, 3rd/5th Beg/Int,
5th/7th Beg/Int,Hip Hop*, 8th/12th Ballet/Lyrical (one costume)

October 15th $40. November 15th $35. Total $75

3rd/5th Int, 5th/7th Int and Int/Adv, 6th/8th Int/Adv,
7th/9th, 8th/12th (2 costumes)

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