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Greenbug offers cedar-based products to control all kinds of pests.  Whether you want pest control for yourself (mosquitoes, head lice), your home (roaches, ants, and bed bugs), your dog (fleas, ticks) or your entire property (all of the above), Greenbug offers you pest control using ingredients found in Nature.  No need for toxic pesticides!

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As commercial DNA labs are becoming more skilled in mass testing genetic samples, a lot of folks in the Southeast, whose great-grandmother was a Cherokee Princess, are finding out that she was more likely a daughter of Zion or the descendants of Spanish grandees.   There is an answer in history . . . at least in the factual history that POOF researchers are developing.

The drawing above portrays a Sephardic Jewish or Spanish gold mining village on Dukes Creek in White County, GA, which was discovered in 1828, mentioned in the first archaeological book on the Southeast in 1873, then erased from Georgia’s history books.

This past Thursday, a lovely lady with jet black hair stalked me for awhile then approached me at the cheese counter of the Dahlonega, GA Walmart.  She whispered,  “Excuse me sir.” 

View and three-bedroom penthouses. The homes are intentionally curated for owner occupiers video on YouTube

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Technology has surpassed our imagination. Smart TVs dial us into a world of entertainment with a press of a button. You can now play video games, listen to music, watch movies and surf the Internet on your television. But there is another way in which we are using technology for our convenience – by making devices adjustable to our unique body types. Our work desks, monitors, keyboards, mice, and laptops can be raised up and down or extended and retracted as we choose.

This flexibility now extends to our TVs, which not only have become bigger and lighter over the years but can now be mounted on walls, poles, ceilings, and also adjusted, tilted and panned for convenient viewing angles. With appropriate mounts, TVs can also be vertically adjusted or lifted up and down. This flexibility is especially handy while playing video Living_room_679x269games or digital activity games.


paint restoration detailing in OldsmarMobile Detailing Palm Harbor. Mobile detailing brings the detailing to your place. You can’t beat the convenience and the quality. Mobile detailing is done by people who have usually dedicated their careers to detailing. Mobile detailers usually know what they are doing. Detail Daddy is dedicated to providing the best mobile detailing in Palm Harbor, bar none.

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for allowing Curtain Clean to clean and groom your curtains. Now you have them returned we have some tips for their rehanging and care.

When the curtains are returned it is advisable to either rehang them as soon as practical or if storage is required remove them from the plastic wrap and either hang them over a rail or lay them flat.

Thermal backed curtains and curtains with thermal lining can be subject to the backing sticking together if stored improperly. We powder the thermal to help prevent this (with ordinary baby powder) but storing, either in plastic or with any weight on the curtains, can result in damage. We cannot be responsible for this.

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Luxury Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories – Enhancing the energy and atmosphere in your kitchen can help to spread vitality and positivity throughout your entire home. You should employ the utilization of practical kitchen accessories to be able to maximize your time and effort spent in your kitchen and to accomplish your jobs and cooking escapades as effectively as possible. Kitchen accessories can help develop a more welcoming and inviting ambiance in another of the most valued rooms inside your home. From accent styles to types of decor, there are a plethora of kitchen accessories that can improve energy in your kitchen. Country styling is a popular choice as it pertains to outfitting a kitchen with the heat and comfort that this style so effectively exudes.

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How Does Stump Grinding Work? If an old stump is consuming valuable space on your property and making lawn mowing a pain, there is an excellent solution. You may choose to have it removed through a process known as stump grinding. A machine called a “stump grinder” is used for stump grinding. A stump grinder is really a big machine which has a vertically aligned blade with big metal teeth in the shape of a saw. The blade is mounted on a machine arm that’s mounted to a Bob Cat, truck or tractor. This way the stump grinding machine may be transported to the stump.  Each stump…

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