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Pencil has some elementary sound support. To add some sound, create a sound layer. Then select the “Import sound…” command in the File menu under Import and choose a Sound, be sure to select why type of sound (be it WAV or MP3). This will create a triangular key in the sound track at the frame where the timeline scrubbing bar is at. The key indicates where the sound will start to play. You can move this key like any other key. A sound layer does not play any sound when it is deactivated. All sounds can be turned on and off for the whole animation by pressing the sound button in the the time-line controls.

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The marshes, lakes, and bays of western Terrebonne Parish are extraordinary places to fish.

A late-April trip I took to the fresh and brackish marshes near Lost Lake produced constant action on chunky bass, bluegills, and crappies from the edges of the endless grass beds. Bream-baited jug lines caught a dozen fat blue and channel catfish. Mixed in with the freshwater species were hearty redfish that aggressively attacked my weedless soft plastics and spinner baits.

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By: Zeke Barrera | July 13, 2016 9:40 am ET

Next time a hater badmouths the Cowboys and their fans, hit ’em with the data: the Cowboys have the second-best fans in the NFL.

According to market research developed by Emory University professor Michael Lewis, that is.  After landing atop Lewis’ fan rankings heading into the 2015 season, fans of the Cowboys have ceded the title of best fans in the league to fans of the New England Patriots. Lewis developed a method he claims measures a team’s fan base by tracking home box office revenues and social media support, defined as Dynamic Fan Equity.

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