The Walt Disney Company has announced a donation of $1 million to the OneOrlando Fund. The fund will not go directly to the victims but rather to the non-profits in the community. The move was in reaction to the horrific attack Saturday night on patrons of an LGBTQ dance club that left 49 people dead and 53 wounded. There are only two funds that will give 100% of donations collected directly to the victims (families of the deceased and those injured): They are The National Compassion Fund/Orlando here and Equality Florida’s fund here.

These two funds are using a protocol that 70 parents of murdered children and family members from some of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history — 9/11, Columbine, Va Tech, NIU, Aurora, Oak Creek Sikh Temple and Newtown helped to create and stand behind to battle the community-based funds who siphon money away from the victims who so desperately need it.

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During the hunt, one of the things as sponsors we have to do is visit our hint thread each day. During the month I highlight a series of different resources on Tribal Baby and talk a bit about them, this explains a little more about the site to visiting hunters and keeps my thread a little more interesting.

At Eden’s Baby I really liked the Time Telling Dinner Time Mat and the Master Building Blocks. I just LOVE wooden blocks.

how to hypnotize somebody

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Paper …das ist die e2grafikwerkstatt mit allem, was da entsteht. Man findet hier Papier mit Liebe, Dinge, die mit Herz erdacht und aufwändig handgemacht sind und natürlich individuelle Grafik, egal, ob diese auf Postkarten Autos oder als Website im Netz landet.

Paper Patisserie soll dabei mehr als nur ein nettes Wortspiel sein. Ebenso, wie in einer wirklich guten Patisserie wünsche ich mir Verzaubertsein, Genuss und das gewisse Etwas, das sich ausbreitet, wenn man die Dinge, die hier zu sehen sind, zu Hause auspackt, sie benutzt und erlebt, was in ihnen steckt. Und da im Genuss immer ein wenig Sucht steckt, wird es hoffentlich immer Neues geben, oftmals inspiriert von den Wünschen derer, die die Dinge kaufen möchten. In dem Sinne ist Wünschen dringend erwünscht und hier möglich.

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SEO companies aren't magiciansTo my knowledge, most SEO experts don’t have a degree in quantum physics, aren’t proficient in calculus or even have a degree from Hogwarts school of magic. But clients seem to think a search engine optimization company can work magic. (Though, based on the sales pitch you hear from the SEO telemarketers, they would make you believe they can.)

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Founded in 2010, South Florida Luxury Guide is the definitive resource guide for living the luxury lifestyle in South Florida. Published six times per year, our bimonthly publication reaches over 100,000 affluent readers through targeted direct mail, local distribution at prominent locations, experiential events, email marketing, social media and the web.

With rich content that speaks to a sophisticated, modern lifestyle, our guide showcases the finest luxury retailers in the areas of fashion, jewelry, home furnishings and design, real estate, electronics, automobiles, yachts, private aviation and more. Our guide inspires readers to travel, explore their culinary talents, learn about new artists and locally relevant entrepreneurs, keep abreast of the latest trends and find the perfect gifts.

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Video Marketing is beating written content quickly! Recently, both sides of the digital video industry have been discussing

the rise of mobile (cellphones and tablets) video at numerous conferences and publications. We all

know consumers are already watching video on mobile devices. Step onto any plane, train, or automobile and you’ll see numerous people watching movies, TV shows, or user-generated video content on tablets and phones.


The stats show mobile video consumer use is skyrocketing even further than really expected (we

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Funny knitting themed ceramic mugs are the perfect gifts for knitters. All mugs are available in 11 oz or 15 oz, and you can choose either black or white.
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I see the line of code when I pull of source code but I can’t find it in dashboard editor or regular editor. It is not in footer section or no footer widget.

What section should this be in on the dashboard editor? I have pulled up about every section and done ctrl f to search for the phrase and can’t find it.

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